The Arctic is not melting

The Danish Meteorological Institute has measured and calculated the daily mean temperatures for the Arctic area north of the 80th northern parallel since 1958. You can see the data and the record for each year by visiting its web site which is here.

The graph below is an animated record of the temperature in the Arctic region since 1958. The green curve is the average over time, the blue line is the melt point and the red line is the actual temperature, plotted daily over the course of a year. Each frame of animation equals one year. As you can see the temperature does fluctuate but there is clearly no significant general rise in temperature and the portion of the red curve poking above the blue line (i.e. the period when ice would melt) is clearly not growing.

Since 1979 it has been possible to accurately monitor ice cover at both poles via satellite photography. The animation below shows a 30 year continuous photographic history of the ice growing in winter and retreating in summer at the North Pole. As the animation plays you can see the year in the top right hand corner.

Watch the ice pulse in the animation and then you can decide if the Arctic ice is disappearing.

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