Confessions of a sceptical mind

I am sceptical about the theory of significant man made climate change caused by CO2 emissions. I am sceptical that climate change, man made or otherwise, is going to have catastrophic effects in the coming decades.

The function of this web site is to simply showcase some of the evidence that has tended to push me towards a sceptical position. Finding and evaluating the scientific evidence is hard because of  the confusion created by the tremendous injection of campaigning energy and money, motivated mostly by ideology, into what should be a scientific debate about competing theories.

I don’t think that the “science is settled”  and there is no scientific certainty on anything to do with the climate. I don’t think the overwhelming majority of scientists believe in the catastrophic CO2 driven climate change hypothesis. And anyway science is not consensus.

My judgement at the moment, based on the evidence I can find, is that it is likely that there has been some warming over the last century. I see nothing in the evidence that proves that this recent warming is in any way unusual or unprecedented when compared to past climate changes. Although it is possible that the greenhouse gas effect of human CO2 emissions has contributed to this warming there is no evidence to prove this and it is just as likely that the bulk of the recent warming is the result of natural processes. It seems possible that this gentle warming may continue but I do not see evidence that if it did that it would have catastrophic effects. Based on the evidence it is also possible that the gentle warming will cease and that the global temperature may decline.

Because of the evidence about the profound changes taken place in solar activity at the moment and because of the strong correlation of solar activity with climate change in the past on balance I think that a period of cooling is likely in the next decade or two.

If the evidence changes I will change my mind.

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